The write words for broker website Marine Aviation and General

Marine Aviation and General

Marine Aviation and General

Cohesion secured alexandrapatrick as a copywriting partner to execute a refreshed website for Italian Lloyds broker Marine Aviation and General.

Cohesion has over 20 years’ experience in helping financial service clients and recognised the value of partnering with alexandrapatrick who offers a dedicated digital copywriting service.

Marine Aviation and General is a client of Cohesion who identify insurance solutions and provide innovative forms of coverage. alexandrapatrick wrote the website content for this international broker, while Cohesion designed and project managed the full digital solution.

alexandrapatrick has a track record of fully understanding the marketing needs of the financial services market and endeavoured to communicate Marine Aviation and General’s image and credibility through appropriate website copywriting.

Maria Callow, Director of alexandrapatrick said: “I was delighted to work in partnership with Cohesion and deliver a bespoke copywriting service on behalf of their specialist broker client. We took time to understand Marine Aviation and General’s needs and respectfully support Cohesion’s relationship with their client.”

Cohesion has an established relationship with alexandrapatrick and felt reassured partnering with a local marketing agency who has insurance expertise. The refreshed website will support Marine Aviation and General’s strong competitive position in the market place.