Maidstone’s business news delivered by alexandrapatrick

Maidstone, Tolherst Court

Maidstone, Tolherst Court

alexandrapatrick, recognised for its expertise in location-based marketing, has written Maidstone’s business news for the Autumn Locate in Maidstone e-newsletter.

alexandrapatrick sourced features about up and coming business events in Maidstone such as Kent2020 and RE Start Local Plus.

In this Autumn issue, a lead feature is about the £38 million project started to regenerate Park Wood in Maidstone. There are also good news stories about opportunities for young apprentices too.

Maria Callow, Managing Director, alexandrapatrick said: “There are lots of opportunities for Maidstone businesses to raise their profiles and share news and views on how to help attract new customers. This E-newsletter is just one way to share knowledge about what matters to the local business community.”

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