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SEO v PPC, thought leader feature

SEO v PPC, thought leader feature

alexandrapatrick has authored a feature on SEO vs PPC for Cohesive thinking, the latest in a series thought leader insights. Cohesive thinking is an online journal of big thoughts in small features about marketing and design.

Maria Callow, Managing Director of alexandrapatrick has written an article that examines how brands should spend their money in search marketing. It clearly sets out the differences between Search Engine Optimisation (‘SEO’) and Pay Per Click (‘PPC’) advertising.

SEO and PPC search goals and principles may share similar advantages and disadvantages but the key is to employ a strategic approach that attracts the right visitors to your website. As there were 1.2 trillion searches on Google in 2012, the need for valuable ‘findable’ content through search marketing channels is self-evident.

The feature clearly explains the search marketing options. It’s easy to read, simple to share and quick to download. A regular series of thought leadership features will be published in the coming months; readers can view and learn about the latest insights into strategic marketing, branding, design and bespoke business sector articles.

Maria Callow is a regular contributor to the Cohesive thinking website and will continue to write new insights to support Cohesion Marketing by Design.

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