Strategic thinking about branding

brand strategy

brand strategy

Recently alexandrapatrick was sourced to brief for a branding project and this was our approach.

A client required alexandrapatrick to consider how we might support their small business growth ambitions. In essence, for the client to achieve their long term goals, they needed to consider implementing a brand strategy.

A comprehensive brand strategy helps achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in your business providing clarity about your brand position in the market place. This is a methodical process which sets out the rules on how, what, where, when and to whom you communicate your brand messages.

The advice was anchored on establishing a clear vision on how their business will develop and ensure the brand will help achieve this over time. Early on research must focus on clearly defining the target audiences to help achieve high growth and profit.

It is also important to remember branding drives marketing so their overarching marketing strategy had to consistently align to the recommended brand strategy to maintain a high brand recognition and deeper customer loyalty.

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