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Stephens Fresh Foods

Stephens Fresh Foods

Quality meat supply business needed top-notch photography

stephens is a major supplier of an extensive range of cooked traditional hams (all made on the premises). In addition, they supply a complete range of charcuterie direct from continental Europe plus an array of cooked beef products.

As an ambitious and quality-focussed business, stephens required top-notch images of their products to support a major marketing campaign in 2010.

Duncan Callow of alexandrapatrick was hired to shoot close to 100 different meat products in a range of settings – from in-the-packet to fully dressed and ready to eat.

Alan Davies, customer relations manager from stephens fresh foods said: “This was a big job to undertake and we’re delighted with the results. alexandrapatrick worked with us to ensure a complete set of high-quality images was delivered on time and on budget. We’ll be using these images in a variety of different ways, and I’m sure to good effect.”

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