All-new Apple Crisps

Apple Crisps

Apple Crisps

2009 saw the launch of Apple Crisps a unique and healthy alternative to fried potato crisps.

Charlie Fermor the young innovator behind Apple Crisps felt the market was lacking a genuinely healthy and tasty snack that could be produced in a sustainable way.

To help promote this incredible product, alexandrapatrick was commissioned to provide eye-catching photography services towards the end of 2009.

Charlie Fermor, Apple Crisps: “I’m delighted that Apple Crisps are proving to be highly popular. More than 50,000 bags have been sold already, and we’re hopeful that 2010 will see this figure increased many times over. alexandrapatrick’s photography will help paint a picture of how we hand pick and produce dried fruit in an environmentally-friendly way.”

2010 promises to be an exciting time with more fruit snacks soon to roll off the production line.