Alexandra Patrick Calendar

2010 Calendar

2010 Calendar

In 2009 alexandrapatrick shot some food images, now showcased in a 2010 calendar.

Duncan Callow, the photographer behind the lens, works with local food producers from chilli farmers to high-end restaurateurs. He gets behind the scenes to capture their passion, some of which is showcased in the new 2010 calendar.

Duncan Callow, Director said: “I’m looking forward to capturing all sorts of wonderful dishes in 2010. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to photograph Kent’s outstanding local and seasonal produce. We aim to capture the absolute best of what our clients have to offer.”

alexandrapatrick wish all existing and prospective clients a happy and successful New Year.

If you’d like one of our 2010 calendars, or require another one for your desk or home, please contact us.

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