Maidstone’s 25 years of success

Front Cover

alexandrapatrick, highly experienced in location-based marketing, has project managed and written an investor brochure for Maidstone Borough Council.

alexandrapatrick honed Maidstone’s core location messages and showcased 25 years of the Borough’s development successes.

Maidstone is driving business growth in Kent whilst extending its influence throughout the region and internationally.

Its key economic asset is its proximity to London and the Continent with excellent transport links including, since spring 2011, High Speed rail services to the capital in just 47 minutes.

John Foster, Economic Development Manager said: “The 24-page brochure tells the success story of Maidstone. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent on Maidstone, across a range of spheres, and there’s more to come. This brochure paints an exciting picture.”

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