Integrated Change partner with Create Health to be a major medical agency

Integrated Change - Innovative Healthcare Apps

Integrated Change - Innovative Healthcare Apps

Integrated Change, digital healthcare specialists that design and develop mobile health apps, have collaborated with Create Health to offer a range of innovative technical solutions to the medical market.

alexandrapatrick is incredibly proud to have worked on developing a creative medical content campaign for Integrated Change. Strategic engagement has been critical to connect content seamlessly across digital and physical channels for Integrated Change.

At the heart of Integrated Change’s success has been their recognition that mobile health can drive patient engagement and improve patient outcomes for their clients. Integrated Change has continually set out the digital challenge to develop leading-edge technologies and successfully tailoring them to the healthcare sector.

This marketing agency merger with Create Health will undoubtedly been considered to be a differentiator in delivering digital medical solutions in a competitive healthcare market.

We wish Integrated Change the very best in continuing to unlock new technologies to deliver patient centric mobile health solutions with Create Health.

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