Creative placemaking transforms an area into a vibrant destination

Hythe placemaking

Hythe placemaking

alexandrapatrick has being sourcing local creative photography for a placemakiing project to attract new start-ups and investors to Folkestone and the surrounding area.

From the start of the project alexandrapatrick recognised the importance of creative placemaking and the need to source stunning photography to encourage people to feel attached to Folkestone, Hythe, Romney Marsh and the North Downs.

Striking, high quality imagery for a website can be a visual trigger to help engender a sense of community attachment and generate long term economic development.

Maria Callow, managing director of alexandrapatrick contacted Fleur Challis Photography in Hythe to contribute her portfolio to the site. Fleur’s creative style for commercial work has helped reinforce the distinct differences across the whole area especially Hythe.

A key brand champion who makes placemaking part of their service delivery is award-winning Guy Hollaway Architects. Guy Hollaway Architects has contributed imagery and a video endorsing the area. Guy Hollway’s design-led projects have helped people ‘get’ places like Dungeness and the newly transformed Folkestone Harbour. His interior design and architecture captures what attracts people to visit, live and work in vibrant places.

Placemaking imagery and design can help bridge that gap between a tired perception of an area and make people appreciate and the authentic reality.

When the new website is launched the imagery selected will showcase the connected communities of Folkestone, Hythe, Romney Marsh and North Downs and play a part of the process of shaping great places for all types of people, creatives, techies, entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Thanks to all that have contributed content and imagery to the new site, it will be launched shortly.