Helping families become fitter, healthier and happier



From photography to finished item, alexandrapatrick delivered a set of recipe cards for a leading healthy lifestyle social enterprise.

MEND(Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it!) empowers children and adults to become fitter, healthier and happier and to reach or maintain a healthier weight.

They design programmes and services, offering long-term solutions that help people improve their health, fitness, and self-esteem. They also provide the information and support people need to choose healthier foods and spend more time being active.

On the back of Duncan Callow’s reputation for delivering high quality food images, MEND approached alexandrapatrick to produce a series of ten healthy recipe cards to be distributed to graduates of its programmes.

alexandrapatrick was responsible for the food buying and preparation, photography, editing, cooking tips, design production (in collaboration with Oak Creative) and project management.

Amy Gavaghan, Specialist Weight Management Dietitian at MEND said: “It’s vital for us to continue to communicate key messages about healthy eating to our graduates. These at-a-glance recipe cards do the job perfectly. We’re delighted with them and the dedicated wrap-around support from alexandrapatrick”.

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