Driving Stephens Fresh Foods Red Tractor

Red Tractor

Red Tractor

alexandrapatrick to drive Stephens Fresh Foods Red Tractor forward

Stephens Fresh Foods (SFF) has just earned Red Tractor status for its range of premium cooked meats. Based in Kent, SFF has developed an excellent reputation for delivering a wide range of manufactured meats for more than 35 years.

The Red Tractor is the biggest quality mark in the UK food industry, covering a wider range of products than any other and appearing on more than £10 billion worth of food and drink each year.

It can only be used to label ingredients from farmers, growers and food processors that have been produced to certain exacting standards. So, for a business like SFF, earning the right to use the Red Tractor symbol represents the gold standard.

alexandrapatrick has been tasked to create a dedicated, integrated marketing campaign to support SFF’s Red Tractor status. Steve Leadbitter, Chairman of SFF commented:

“Understandably, the effort required to reach this standard is considerable. With alexandrapatrick’s highly focused marketing support we’re confident we’ll be able to spread the word and tap into new markets. We’re delighted they’re driving this campaign for us.”