Snapper shoots snapper

Lobster, Griggs of Hythe

Lobster, Griggs of Hythe

alexandrapatrick landed the opportunity to capture the catch of the day at Griggs of Hythe.

Griggs of Hythe supply the best pubs, restaurants and hotels in Kent with a full range of fantastically fresh fish, much of it caught in Hythe Bay itself. Its retail outlet, based right on the coast, is also a favourite hunting ground for fish afficionados from far and wide.

alexandrapatrick were recently given a rare opportunity to photograph the characters who work behind the scenes at Griggs and to capture some of their beautiful fresh fish on camera.

Andy Cook, Proprietor, Griggs of Hythe said: “We live and breathe fish 24/7 and sometimes we forget what a privilege it is to work with such fresh local produce. So it was great to see the way another pair of eyes views our wonderful fish. Some of the images are really striking – particularly seeing the way the catch of the day is landed on the beach, fresh from the boat.”