Marketing experts captured in video interviews

video thinking

video thinking

alexandrapatrick nominated three marketing experts to have a voice and provide video interviews for Cohesive thinking.

Cohesive thinking is a ‘thought leadership’ website that captures innovative marketing insights to guide growing business needs. alexandrapatrick has a well-connected network and recommended Luke Quilter, Sonja Wood and Emma Liddiard to be provide engaging content that challenges traditional business thinking.

Luke Quilter is Managing Director of Sleeping Giant Media, a specialist search marketing agency. His interview sheds a light onto Search Engine Optimisation, often a confusing topic. He reveals the best way to optimise your website and drive traffic to it.

Sonja Wood is Managing Director of EcoSan and a loyal client of alexandrapatrick. Her interview reveals how her brand is strongly aligned to an innovative culture. Sonja’s unveils her award-winning approach to business such as launching innovative ideas like recycling chewing gum.

Emma Liddiard is Managing Director of Heart Kent Radio. Her interview argues how radio advertising is still an effective way to reach your audience in the age of digital marketing. Emma’s shares her breadth of radio expertise and maintains radio is not just a place for big brands.

See video interviews with Luke Quilter, Sonja Wood and Emma Liddiard.