KIMS Hospital portfolio of patient brochures

KIMS Hospital brochure

KIMS Hospital brochure

KIMS Hospital, also known as the Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery, has a suite of brochures to support patient admissions. The brochures help patents to consider carefully what they need to do before their stay, during their stay and when they leave.

Maria Callow, acting Marketing Manager for KIMS said: “The KIMS patient information allows patients to fully consider and understand the process before and after their procedure or treatment.”

Patients and visitors always have the opportunity to call or email KIMS Hospital if there is anything they wish to find out more about.

Maria Callow continued: “The KIMS Hospital website also has easily accessible downloadable versions to save and share with friends and family who may wish to visit.”

In addition to the brochures, patients will be given information about any special preparations they need to make before their visit.

To find out more about KIMS Hospital, please visit the website:

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