Fleur Challis Photography- dedicated, gifted and creating new interest

Fleur Challis Photography

Fleur Challis Photography

Fleur Challis is a creative photographer dedicated to growing her flourishing business.

Fleur has earned a reputation for honest, natural, inspirational wedding photography and has approached alexandrapatrick to spread the word about her talent.

Fleur’s successful, growing business is expanding and she’s keen to showcase her offering to a wider audience and make sure potential clients fully understand what she really has to offer.

alexandrapatrick has plans to enhance her newly launched website further and provide expert marketing support to promote the new photography packages on offer.

Maria Callow, director said: “We specialise in providing wrap-around marketing support. We’ve a passion for supporting local businesses and helping them to thrive. Fleur Challis has an understated talent that we will work hard to spread the word about.”

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