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best practice marketing

best practice marketing

alexandrapatrick has authored a useful best practice marketing download about Print vs Digital Marketing for Cohesive thinking, the latest addition in a series thought leader insights. Cohesion Marketing by Design is behind this online sharing blog.

In collaboration with Cohesion, Maria Callow, Managing Director of alexandrapatrick has written a feature that gives the choice on how brands should spend their money on print or digital marketing, clearly outlining the differences between the two.

When budgets are stretched, traditional print marketing often gets the chop to be replaced with a digital alternative. Saving money on marketing is prudent, but it must be about spending your budget wisely.

Cross media marketing – integrating traditional print and digital – is a strategic solution to maximise your budget. Maria Callow is a regular contributor to the Cohesive thinking website and will continue to write new insights to support Cohesion Marketing by Design.

Print V Digital Download