Belfast2Cork by bike!

Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

alexandrapatrick is proud to support a local plane crash survivor who’s preparing for another epic journey – this time on terra firma, Belfast to Cork.

At breakfast time on 10 February 2011, seasoned-flyer Mark Dickens boarded a plane in Belfast heading for Cork. Within a couple of hours he was trapped inside the wreckage of the crashed aircraft  with death and destruction all around him.

Six people died on the runway at Cork Airport — Mark was one of the six survivors. He owes his life to the rescue services, the police and outstanding medical team at Cork University Hospital.

Though badly injured at the time, Mark has made a remarkable recovery and is now getting on his bike in a bid to raise money for Sport Relief and the Children’s Leukaemia Trust in Cork. In May, along with his brother-in-law, he will cycle the route of the flight — all 335 miles – from Belfast to Cork in four days.

Kent-based Mark, now back to about 90% of his pre-crash fitness said: “I felt that I needed to repay the people of Cork for all they did for me and my wife. This is my way of raising some money to help others — and of course to say a huge thank you!”.

He continued “I’m not so keen on flying any more, but I’ve always loved cycling so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. Ireland is such a beautiful country with lovely people. It will be an epic journey for all sorts of reasons”.

alexandrapatrick has very close family ties with the Cork area and is based near to the Dickens family in Kent. We’re keen to do what we can to support and spread the word for this terrific cause. The money raised will help Cork University Hospital create a “Centre of Excellence” in all paediatrics for the whole of Ireland.