Lunches so good, you’ll want to miss playtime

Lasagne and salad

Hamstreet School have been creating delicious and healthy lunches since long before Jamie Oliver started his crusade. alexandrapatrick caught some of their tasty offerings on camera.

Located in the Garden of England, Hamstreet School has an abundance of fresh meat, fish and produce on its doorstep. But getting kids to eat healthily and on budget isn’t always an easy task.

Jane Macey Headteacher, is all too aware of this dilemma: “We fully understand and appreciate the importance of good nutrition – we can see it in the way our pupils react in the classroom. We’ve been able to develop a range of really tasty, attractive meals that the children love. What’s more, we source many of the ingredients locally which helps ensure freshness and quality and reduces our impact on the environment.”

alexandrapatrick were recently invited to lunch at Hamstreet School. Photographer Duncan Callow was able to capture some of the kitchen’s delicious meals and see for himself what a happy place the dining hall is at lunchtime.

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