Enjoying the best of British fruit

National Fruit Show

National Fruit Show

alexandrapatrick imagery chosen to support new fruit event in Kent.

Organised by the Marden Fruit Show Society, the Festival of British Fruit on 23 and 24 October will showcase the best of this year’s produce from the Garden of England and beyond.

The aim of the event is to provide a shop window for the fruit that will have taken centre stage at the National Fruit Show held at the Kent Showground earlier that week.

alexandrapatrick’s images of Perry Court Farm and their unique apple crisps have been used in the National Fruit Show Handbook 2010.

Having worked with Perry Court Farm in the past photographer Duncan Callow had this to say: “This is a great opportunity for Kent’s fruit growers to show off their produce on a national scale. I’m delighted that my shots of Perry Court Farm and their wonderful apple crisps will further enhance Kent’s reputation for producing the best fruit in the UK”

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